Empowering People to... Dream and Achieve

Doing the Mission

My Second Chance, Inc. (MSC) works with women to assist them in achieving their goals by providing them with the resources they need either by offering it on-site or referring them to the appropriate agency. Through our work, we have recognized that women identify housing and employment as the two factors of most concern to them as they set out to begin the reintegration process. A host of other concerns quickly emerge, and MSC has created a range of supportive services to address those needs. These core services are Outreach, Information and Referrals, Recovery Coaching, Advocacy,  Job Readiness Training, Personal Development Workshops, Individualized Computer Training, HIV Education and Prevention, and Recovery Support Groups.

The Sisters of Support (SOS) recovery program provides women with an integrated, ground-breaking gender-specific system of support that bridges the 
treatment of alcoholism and addictive behaviors with the reconnecting of self, family, workplace, and community. Core components of the SOS program also include…

Recovery Coaching– Recovery coaching unlocks the woman’s potential to maximize their own performance by helping them realize what is right for them rather than telling them what to do. It allows the women to view themselves in terms of their future potential, not their past performance therefore complementing other professional interventions by its focus on awareness, responsibility, performance and self-belief.

Positive Options for Women Entering Recovery (POWER), a case management program that helps women to achieve and maintain abstinence from alcohol and drugs, understand and recover from trauma, domestic violence and mental health issues, and improve their social and economic well-being.
The POWER Program:

  • draws on the expertise of recovery coaches, professionals from the social service and substance abuse fields
  • is home and community based, bringing services to women where they live
  • centers around the woman, so that each recovery plan is built to meet each      woman’s individual needs and circumstances
  • addresses immediate crisis needs first, then long-term goals
  • encourages each women to set her own goals and build upon her strengths
  • ensures that a woman’s care continues across all areas of her life.

Job Readiness Training - The curriculum consists of the following components: orientation, goal-setting and improving communication skills, interview techniques and active listening, effective resume writing, employability, time management, first day on the job, proper attire, getting along with supervisors and co-workers, appropriate behavior on the job, and being flexible.

Personal Development Workshops – This unique series of exciting and interactive workshops provide an invaluable opportunity to build self-esteem, enhance communication skills, understand and manage feelings, and provide each participant with a strong sense of self.  Life Skills Workshops will cover topics such as Nutrition, Parenting, Budgeting, Home & Family Living and Healthy Relationships. 

Sista Closet - provides women with new and gently used clothing.